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Book 6 Coming Fall 2022

Book 6 Coming Fall 2022

Photo Credit: Anonymous artist illustration, 2011

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Maggie St. James was born on Whidbey Island. Her college years are mostly unknown, although there are reports that she attended university in Denmark, but there are no records to prove such. Her breakout children’s book ELOISE AND THE FOXTAIL was both acclaimed and banned in many school libraries. The sixth book in the series is slated to be released in the fall of next year.

Folklore Literary Magazine Interview


Folklore: Some people think your reclusive nature is just a publicity stunt. That you usually refuse interviews and public events just to create some dark allure, is that true?

Maggie: No.

F: *clears throat.* But I’ve heard you’re superstitious, that you avoid black cats and won’t keep a broom in your house.

M: Why tempt fate?

F: But could it be that all of this is part of your branding, your publicist creating some elaborate backstory for you. Like it’s all some April Fools’ joke.

M: I don’t even like April’s Fools day.

F: Why not?

M: I don’t like being tricked into thinking something’s real when it’s not.

F: So your post on Instagram this last April Fools’ day was real?

M: Of course.

F: And when can we expect the final book in the Foxtail series? Later this year?

M: If the stars align. If something doesn’t happen before then.

F: Like what?

M: *Maggie shuffles in her chair. Makes a sound. Then stands up and leaves before finishing the interview.*